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About Us

George B. Shaw said, "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." I can attest to this statement. As a child, merely four years old, I would cry at the sight of unexpected visitors on a Sunday afternoon. "Why do they ALWAYS show up when momma's cooking my favorite foods?" When asked what my favorite foods are, my response was and still is a resounding, "everything!" Though I managed to outgrow the crying fits for my food, I still love food just the same. I would jokingly say that "food" is literally what I live for... my calling!


Over the years, I have become the go-to-girl, recommending my faves for a great dining experience here in New Orleans. And, because I have not once steered a diner wrong, I would like to share my love for good food and my appreciation for our great restaurants with the rest of the world. What's more is hands down, I am born for it. I am a native New Orleanian. Need I say more?

Taste and see new orleans, summer tour 2010

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Send Us Your Videos

So WTEINO wants to see and hear how you enjoy our region's cuisine. We have activated our videos feature, but it will not work without your help!

What WTEINO needs from our world-wide foodies is for you to video your dining experiences all over New Orleans and Louisiana. It matters not how large or small the restaurant is, no matter if you are eating catered or homemade cuisine, WE WANT TO SEE AND HEAR all about it!

Simply pull out your video cam, cell phone or any other video device of choice and give us some funny, interesting and catchy, on-location footage. Tell us where you are, what you are eating and drinking, how you like it...and what is special about that place. The WTEINO production team will review your video for clean language, decency, and good content. When your video checks out, we will then upload your (no more than three-minute) video to the WTEINO "Videos" page...via our YOUTUBE account and and your favorite restaurant are INSTANT STARS!!!

So, get out there and tell us where the best food in our town REALLY is! We are looking forward to seeing and hearing from you! SEND YOUR VIDEOS TO NADRA@WHERETOEATINNEWORLEANS.COM.

Featured Dish

Cafe Degas

Prince Edward Island Mussels steamed in white wine, fennel, fresh herbs, served with pomme frites and roasted garlic aioli.

These delicious mussels were the best I have had since living in New York City. The smoothly blended tastes of white wine, fennel, and fresh herbs are perfect for a light lunch. The pomme frites always remind me of home-fries...when the WTEINO Foodies and I dine at Cafe Degas, we always order extra frites. yumm.

Visit Cafe Degas for lunch, brunch or dinner.

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